ATL Safety: A winning record

ATL’s internal safety program starts with a simple idea – all injuries are preventable. Embracing this concept, ATL employees strive on a daily basis to achieve zero accidents. Our management team is committed to this goal and promotes a culture emphasizing safety as a priority and not a compromise.

With an internal motto of “Think Safety,” we encourage, equip, and empower our employees to work in a safe manner. This holds true whether working in our own facilities, while traveling, or performing services on a project site.

Safety training begins within the first week for new employees who are required to complete ATL’s Safety Orientation and the OSHA 10-Hour General Construction Industry Training Program. Employees providing Environmental Services or working on hazardous waste sites also complete OSHA 40-Hour Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Operations, as well as an annual OSHA 8-Hour refresher course.

At the heart of ATL’s safety program is hazard recognition. ATL employees are continually reminded of hazards to look for while performing their daily work and of their responsibility to review their surroundings for potential dangers. Through different mediums of teleconferences, meetings, and informal conversations, employees are regularly encouraged to share their experiences, promoting recognition that other employees can learn from.

It is this engrained corporate culture that has allowed ATL to work safely and take pride in reaching important milestones. In 2009, ATL was recognized by the National Safety Council for working over 1 million hours without a single Lost Work Time Incident. Since then, ATL employees have continued to work safely and achieved the 2 million hours worked without a Lost Work Time Incident milestone in March 2012. ATL employees dedication to performing our services safely have made such a success possible. The value of our employees coming home from work each night in the condition that they arrived is immeasurable!