ATL now offers two new seminars approved by the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE).

Air Void Systematics of Hardened Concrete

This presentation describes the air voids and the air void system structure in hardened concrete and explains how it affects the strength and durability of the concrete. The seminar also covers an overview of ASTM C457: Microscopical Determination of the Air Void System in Hardened Concrete.

Concrete Petorgraphy PDH

Dr. Christopher Kelson, PhD, PG presenting Concrete Petrography PDH seminar.


Concrete Petrography

This presentation illustrates and describes the value of petrographic analysis of concrete. This can help identify the cause(s) of concrete failure, and determine the potential for concrete failure given its constituent materials, and describe basic aspects of the concrete.

ATL takes pride in offering our clients a wide variety of topics to assist with their required continuing education hours. Our seminars provide an opportunity to interact with one of our seasoned experts as they inform you on current and best practices in the field and laboratory.

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