ATL held its annual meeting virtually again this year on February 15th and 17th, with over 100 attendees.  On day one, we held a companywide meet and greet, presented the 2021 awards and milestone anniversaries, and covered the 2021 business highlights.  On day two, lunch was provided to all employees before the meeting, while the presentation included 2021 milestones and highlights, and opportunities for 2022.  Additionally, we broke out into virtual groups to discuss ways to improve recruitment, retention, development, succession planning, and financial planning.  The groups came up with several new ideas that highlighted how much opportunity there is for employees to get involved at ATL.  We are a company that values and implements the ideas our employees bring forward.  Finally, we continued our gift bag, company trivia, and door prize drawing traditions on both days.

Although we’re still holding the annual meetings virtually, they really do provide employees the opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and learn about where ATL is headed and how they can get involved.  We have had a successful past couple of years, and we can’t wait to see what opportunities and growth will come in 2022!