ATL Engineering, PC (AE) provided geotechnical engineering services for the horizontal and vertical alignment of the recently completed Marcy-SUNY Parkway (Edic Road) at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.  The project included evaluation of a reinforced soil embankment, approximately 42-foot-tall along the proposed alignment.  The evaluation of the proposed geosynthetic reinforced soil system (GRSS) wall included an analysis of the proposed geogrid reinforcement size, length, and spacing, and local and global stability analyses of the wall system.

Atlantic Testing Laboratories (ATL) provided subsurface investigation and geotechnical evaluation services that consisted of reviewing existing geotechnical information, performing seven soil borings along the proposed roadway alignment, and laboratory testing of recovered soil samples.  During the construction phase, ATL provided construction monitoring services that consisted of proof rolling exposed embankment subgrades and in-place density testing of the embankment and wall fill materials.