Jun 19, 2018 | General News

ATL recently had a new 4-wheel drive truck custom installed with a Geoprobe 5400 Direct Push Machine. 

The belt drive of the truck engine powers the hydraulic pump that allows the Geoprobe® to run off of the engine. The Geoprobe® has a GH40 Hammer System and has the ability to reach depths up to 35 ft.

Geoprobe® Specifications
  • Stroke: 54-inch
  • Weight (Approx.): 8,000 lb. / 3,632 kg
  • Lateral Movement (side-to-side): ± 7° from centerline
  • Oscillation: ± 13° from vertical
  • Torque: 4,000 ft.-lb. GH 40 Percussion Hammer
Refurbished Geoprobe

This new setup can be used for these and other applications:

  • Environmental Phase II Investigations
  • Installing Monitor Wells
  • Bedrock Profiling for Underground Utility Projects
  • Pavement Cores for Pavement and Subbase Investigations
  • Contract Probing

ATL’s new Geoprobe® will operate out of our central NY Utica Division. For more information or to request a quote, please contact Andy Ward, Utica Division Operations Manager, at 315-735-3309 or at


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