alexisAlexis Spencer has joined ATL as Project Manager and Engineer at our Rochester office.  

Ms. Spencer is from Geneva, NY and has 13 years of experience in Geotechnical Engineering and Project Management, focusing on Geohazards and Construction.

Ms. Spencer obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Mississippi. She has worked in Southern California as a Contract Geologist for the City of Malibu; Project Manager/Engineer for the Landslide Assessment Districts; and Engineer at City Coastal Engineer. Projects included seismic hazard assessments, wastewater treatment plants, mass grading projects and water quality projects.  She also spent 3 years in the Middle East working on construction projects in preparation for the 2022 World cup performing subsurface investigations and geohazard studies.


chrisATL is pleased to welcome Dr. Kelson as Senior Geologist at our Canton office.  

Dr. Christopher R. Kelson is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah and has over 23 years of experience as both a project geologist and consulting geologist in the precious metals mining industry.

Dr. Kelson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Utah, Master’s Degree in Geology from Brigham Young University, and Ph.D. in Geology, from the University of Georgia.

He has taught at six different universities, and has also worked for the Utah Geological Survey.  His specialties include geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, geochronology, and economic geology with particular interest in optical mineralogy/petrography and trace element distribution utilizing a myriad of microanalytical techniques and equipment.


jeff-croppedJeff Ward has joined ATL as a Project Manager at our Utica office.

Jeff is a native of the Mohawk Valley, New York and has over seventeen years of experience in construction material testing and engineering, focusing on non-destructive testing and structural steel.

Jeff is an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector, American Society for Non-Destructive Testing NDT Level III, and will be completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology from State University of New York Polytechnic Institute this fall (2016).  He has worked as an NDT Project Manager for various structural steel projects throughout New York State and as a Manufacturing Engineer/Site Responsible Level III for United Technologies Aerospace Systems.

Projects include structural steel buildings, bridges, pressure vessels, pressure piping, and aerospace components for military and civilian applications.  Jeff has held Level II certifications in both ASNT and NAS-410; methods and techniques include Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) fluorescent and visual on both bench and yoke, Penetrant Testing (PT) fluorescent and visual on both post-emulsifiable/water washable and solvent removable, and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) A-Scan and C-Scan for both contact and immersion.