ATL Assists Clarkson University with Soil Experiment

Clarkson University Professor Suguang (Sean) Xiao is performing research on soil-structure interaction on pile foundations using a 4.5′ by 4′ by 3′ soil box. The soil box is located in a climate controlled room that will be adjusted during the experiment to simulate different environmental conditions.

Wintertime Drilling

Many things tend to slow down in the winter, but not so with drilling! Winter can be a great time for accessing challenging areas. Sites that, in other times of year, might present access problems become accessible with the presence of frozen ground and wet areas.

Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)

As the cement supplies worldwide diminish (not just recently) and the need to reduce greenhouse gasses increases, the cement industry has been evolving and changing to meet these needs. One of these changes, is the use of blended cements like Portland Limestone Cement (PLC).

Mercury in Flooring

Mercury in flooring represents a concern due to the potential for emission of mercury vapor to surrounding areas of a building. Mercury is a neurotoxin and exposure can have various health effects.