ATL is partnering with the National Safety Council to focus on a different and significant safety topic each week throughout the month of June.

For Week 4 we are targeting Slips, Trips & Falls. ATL wants all employees to take the time necessary to review the 4 A’s of Dall Prevention:

ASK yourself before beginning your work:

  • Is a fall protection plan in place?
  • Are you trained in and using proper fall protection equipment?
  • Are fall prevention systems like guardrails in place?
  • Are you maintaining three points of ladder contact at all times?
  • Are you working on a ladder outdoors in windy or inclement weather? Don’t!
  • Is the base of the ladder on a firm, solid surface?
  • If on scaffolding, does it meet OSHA’s scaffolding standard?

Be AWARE. Keep an eye out for possible hazards:

  • Tears in the carpeting
  • Spills on the floor
  • Obstacles blocking a walkway
  • Clutter on stairs
  • Cords trailing on the floor

ADDRESS the hazard. Don’t assume someone else is taking care of it:

  • Make sure there’s adequate lighting
  • Clean up manageable spills
  • Find out what’s causing it and report
  • Alert whomever is in charge

ALWAYS keep safety top of mind:

  • Don’t walk too fast
  • Don’t carry anything that obstructs your view
  • Watch where you’re going – even in familiar areas
  • Avoid distractions like cell phones
  • Wear proper footwear
  • Use ladders to reach heights – never boxes or chairs
  • Look out for changes in elevation
  • Take care when ground is wet or icy
  • Report every fall, even minor slips


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