Construction Material Engineering and Testing

ATL provides materials engineering and testing field, laboratory, and plant inspection services for a variety of engineering, architectural, design-build, private, industrial, and governmental clients. Our technical staff is trained in the use of industry standards and procedures.

testing Services We Provide

  • Geotechnical and Aggregate Laboratory Testing
  • Concrete Field and Batch Plant
  • Concrete Mix Design and Verification 
  • Concrete Investigation, Coring, NDT, and GPR 
  • Fireproofing Field and Laboratory 
  • Fireproofing
  • Floor Flatness/Levelness
  • Masonry Field and Laboratory 
  • Concrete and Laboratory Petrography 
  • Soils Compaction and Laboratory 
  • Structural Steel 
  • Thermal Resisitvity of Soil 
  • Vibration Monitoring and Structural Condition Survey
  • Vibration Monitoring

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