The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is the industry standard for the sampling and analysis of soils within the geotechnical design profession; providing a cost effective means to estimate strength and response characteristics of various soil types at nearly any depth.  Accurate SPT data collection is critical for the safety, integrity, and repeatability of your geotechnical design.  Analysis of ASTM D1586-compliant SPT Hammers (i.e. Automatic, Safety, etc.) allows for a direct measurement of the hammer energy transfer to be used in correlating the field SPT N-values to the normalized N60 values utilized in design.  These direct measurements will allow the end user to compensate for variations in efficiency of different SPT hammers and drill rigs to improve the reliability of soil strength estimates used in geotechnical design. 

ATL uses a SPT Analyzer and calibrated drill rod to test individual SPT hammers in accordance with ASTM D4633 “Standard Test Method for Energy Measurement for Dynamic Penetrometers.”  The instrumentation includes an SPT rod subassembly (AW-J) that is instrumented with two strain gage bridges and two piezoresistive accelerometers.  These sensors obtain the force and velocity signals necessary for the calculation of transferred energy and transfer them to the SPT Analyzer.  In order to meet client scheduling and budget needs, ATL owns and operates our own SPT Analyzer and calibrated drill rod, ready to deploy to any project site allowing for competitive, economical servicing and fast response time.

If you have a project or equipment that requires SPT Hammer Calibration/Verification, ATL has experienced geotechnical engineers and project managers to perform SPT Hammer Calibration/Verification services. For more information, please contact Matthew T. Trodler, IE, at 315-735-3309 or