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Ft. Drum Base Expansion

Location: Ft. Drum, New York

Summary: Subsurface investigation and geotechnical evaluation services for multiple barracks, headquarters buildings, and maintenance buildings across the army base.

Services Provided:

  • Soil borings utilizing both ATV-mounted and a truck-mounted drill rigs.
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Comprehensive geotechnical evaluations for the projects.

ATL’s 40 plus years’ experience in executing geotechnical and environmental subsurface investigation programs has provided us with expertise in a wide variety of project types. As a result of comprehensive hands-on-training and valuable practical experience, our crews demonstrate proficiency in using a variety of sampling and data collection techniques specific to project requirements, and have gained a reputation for responsiveness and high quality workmanship.

ATL manages each subsurface investigation utilizing a centralized approach, which allows for a high level of efficiency in scheduling, coordination, and project control. Maintaining a full complement of subsurface equipment, including various types and sizes of drill rigs and diverse specialized support equipment, we offer flexibility in meeting the demands of unique mobilization and challenging access requirements. In addition, our in-house maintenance shop routinely performs preventative maintenance on our subsurface equipment and we take pride in minimizing potential delay due to equipment breakdown.


Subsurface Investigation Equipment

  • (3) CME-75 Drill (Truck-Mounted)
  • (2) CME-850 All Terrain Drill
  • (1) CME-750 All Terrain Drill
  • (1) CME-55 Drill (Barge, ATV or Truck-Mounted)
  • (3) CME-45 Skid Base Drill Rigs (Barge, ATV or Trailer Mounted)
  • (1) Longyear-65 Core Drill
  • (1) Geoprobe® Model 5400 Direct Push Probing Machine
  • (12) Barge Sections
  • (2) Pontoon Sampling Boats
  • Manually Portable Drilling Equipment

Support Equipment

Diversified support equipment is required for mobilization to the project sites, on-site logistical support for the drill rig, and for auxiliary services. This equipment includes portable water tanks, water and grout pumps, air compressors, steam/high-pressure equipment washers, service support trucks, ATV carriers, water trucks, and marine support vessels.

Testing Services

  • Investigation and Sampling of Soil and Rock
  • Soil Investigation and Sampling by Auger Methods
  • Penetration Test and Split Barrel Sampling of Soils
  • Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils
  • Ring-Lined Barrel Sampling of Soils
  • Wire Line Rock Sampling
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) – PDF Brochure
  • Field Vane Shear Test in Cohesive Soil
  • Dutch Cone Penetration Tests
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Resistivity Testing
  • Crosshole Seismic Testing
  • In-situ Permeability Testing
  • Grouting of Rock and Overburden Soils
  • Percussion Drilling of Rock and Soil
  • Air Rotary Coring of Rock and Overburden
  • Instrumentation Installation and Monitoring
  • Rock Anchor Installations
  • Geophysical and Seismic Surveys
  • Submersible Pump Installations
  • Marine Drilling

Geoprobe® Services

Geoprobe® capability allows ATL to reduce the cost for subsurface investigation services. Our staff is highly experienced in both environmental and geotechnical applications of Geoprobe® use. Download the PDF Brochure.

  • Collecting Continuous Soil Samples
  • Collecting Groundwater Samples
  • Bedrock Profiling
  • Inserting Sampling Implants
  • Placing Temporary Piezometers/Observation Wells
  • Installing Permanent Pre-Packed Monitoring Wells
  • Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) Injection

Geoprobe® Equipment

  • Geoprobe® model 5400/G40 Hammer
  • Ford F250 4X4 diesel truck
  • Macro-core piston rod soil sampling system
  • 1.25-inch probe rods tools
  • Screen point 15 groundwater system (4-slot screen)
  • 2.125-inch probe rods for piezometers (24 feet deep)
  • Photoionization detector (PID) equipped with a 10.2 eV lamp
  • Magnetometer, Peristaltic pump
  • Diamond bits for coring concrete floors