Geotechnical Engineering

Led by experienced Engineers and Geologists, ATL provides accurate, detailed geotechnical data and design recommendations for efficient and cost-effective foundation systems, slabs-on-grade, embankments, pavement structures, and other systems made of or supported by soil or rock. ATL’s in-house subsurface investigation capabilities and geotechnical laboratories lend to a seamless geotechnical program with timely deliverables and comprehensive support to the design team.

Through ATL’s database of historical information derived from more than 6,000 successfully completed geotechnical and subsurface investigation projects throughout the Northeastern United States, ATL has extensive knowledge and expertise in soil and rock mechanics.

Services We Provide

  • Foundation Design Recommendations

  • Pavement Design Recommendations

  • Slab-on-Grade Design Recommendations

  • Dynamic Pile Testing (DPT)

  • Thermal and Electrical Resistivity

  • Seismic Surveys and Site Classification

  • Slope Stability Analysis

  • Groundwater Studies

  • Forensic Geotechnical Investigations

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