ATL is unique in that we are equipped to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of cross-disciplinary services throughout all phases of a project.  Whether during initial planning and design, construction phases, or in support of on-going facilities management, ATL strives to provide quality services in a time-conscious and cost-efficient manner.  It is the nature of our integrated and complementary in-house service offerings that sets us apart, making ATL an ideal partner in achieving a successful project.

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Subsurface Investigations

At ATL, we use a variety of sampling, data collection, and field testing techniques, carried out by our experienced staff. We maintain a full complement of drill rigs, Geoprobe equipment, and specialized support equipment strategically allocated for each project requirement. ATL manages each subsurface investigation utilizing a centralized approach, which allows for efficiency in scheduling, coordination, and project control. Learn More >

Construction Materials

ATL has provided Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CMET) field and laboratory services for clients including architectural, engineering, industrial, private commercial, non-profit, and governmental entities for nearly a half-century. These include bituminous, soil, aggregate, structural steel, concrete, and masonry testing and engineering support. Learn More >

Environmental Services

ATL is an independent firm offering clients support navigating the challenges of environmental regulatory compliance associated with property ownership and facility management in both private and public sectors. We provide cost-effective and reliable hazardous materials consulting and testing services, air quality and mold testing, soil and groundwater sampling and testing, and more. Learn More >

Geotechnical Engineering

Led by experienced engineers and supported by in-house subsurface investigation capabilities and geotechnical laboratories, ATL provides reliable geotech data and design recommendations for efficient and cost-effective foundation systems, slabs-on-grade, earthworks, and pavement structures. We have supported more than 6,000 geotechnical and subsurface investigation projects throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States. Learn More >

Nondestructive Testing

ATL has over 40 years of experience in NDT with staff certified and proficient in the use of numerous methods. In particular, we specialize in NDT of structural steel and welded connections used in construction, and used in various types of industrial components, systems, and storage vessels. Learn More >

Pavement Engineering

ATL is an independent firm with experienced technical staff and AASHTO accredited laboratories, providing field and laboratory testing for asphalt and bituminous mixtures, as well as consulting and surface smoothness testing. Whether performing a role in Pavement Consulting or Quality Control, ATL can assist with your pavement design, construction, and rehabilitation projects. Learn More >

Special Inspection Services

With nearly a half-century of experience in Construction Material Engineering and Testing, Geotechnical Engineering, and Nondestructive Testing services, ATL can provide special inspection services during the construction of your building or structure. Our staff is qualified and certified to provide special inspection services for soil, concrete, wood, masonry, structural steel, and more. Learn More >

Water-Based Services

Construction and environmental remediation within river, lake, estuary, and coastal environments present unique challenges. With a fleet of customized sectional barge units, multiple support vessels, and specialized ancillary equipment, ATL’s water-based staff is proficient in collecting samples and managing large volumes of data. Learn More >

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