ATL employees attend in-house training that is designed to expand their knowledge, skills and experience. The goal is SEMINAR 1 PICto assist our employees in growing professionally, while providing them with additional tools to better serve the needs of our clients.

The 2-day training for our Hazardous Materials Project Monitors will give them a better understanding of regulations, real life scenarios, and inspection techniques. They will also set up air pumps, learn proper electrical cord management and use a personal decontamination unit.

The 2-day training for our Intern Engineers and Senior Technicians will train them on the intricacies of Concrete Special Inspection. Topics will range from pre-SEMNAR 2 PICplacement and plans/specs/drawings review through finding deficiencies and post placement finishing. They will inspect a spread footing, pier footing, and pier and wall with known discrepancies and will be asked to find and report them.

ATL provides additional training to our employees after they have received their certifications. This allows employees to not just be certified, but qualified.