Back to School Safety

With Labor Day comes the beginning of the school year for grades K-12! What that means for those who are no longer in elementary, middle, or high school, is that traffic patterns will change, and congestion will increase significantly in and around school zones.

ATL Highlights Trenching and Excavation Hazards

Recently, OSHA launched “enhanced nationwide enforcement initiatives” and outreach efforts to protect workers from known hazards related to trenches and excavations. This is in response to an “alarming rise” in trench-related deaths during the first half of 2022.

Water Safety

Summertime means time out on and in the water at a lake, river, or ocean. These are all popular getaway destinations for families during this time of year. Open water however, while a great way to cool off when the temperatures rise, comes with some significant risk.

Fireworks Safety

Celebrating July 4th is a time for deck parties, lake parties, grilling, boats, and everything in between. It is also when some fireworks become legal for personal use in New York State for a limited time.