PCB in Caulk

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) are a group of manmade chemicals that were introduced in the 1930’s due to their chemical stability, non-flammability, high boiling point, and insulating properties.

Concrete Slab Delamination

Delamination is a common type of concrete slab distress. Surficial delamination is when the finished surface of the concrete separates from the underlying slab. Although surficial delamination may not significantly affect the structural integrity of the slab, it increases the susceptibility of the concrete to environmental impacts, decreases durability, hampers functionality, and is not aesthetically pleasing.

Mold Assessment and Remediation in New York State

Mold is a multi-cellular fungi growth that thrives in moist environments where organic matter is readily available to live on. When excessive moisture accumulates within buildings or on building materials, mold growth will occur, particularly if moisture problems remain unresolved. Conditions leading to mold impacts include roof and pipe leaks, flooding, pipe condensation, and poor ventilation.