As part of our continuing education process, ATL just completed another round of internal Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Inspector Training. This training is intended to develop an in-depth understanding of the role of a New York State SWPPP Inspector, and is successfully completed by all ATL SWPPP Inspectors, in addition to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s 4-hour required training.

Entrained Air Void System to Reduce Potential for Freeze-Thaw Damage to Concrete

Cyclic changes in temperature, which cause liquid water to alternatively freeze and thaw within saturated, hardened concrete, can damage the concrete when the water within capillary pores and microcracks in the cement paste freezes and turns to ice. Concrete paste with a high water/cement ratio can be especially susceptible to freeze-thaw damage, since it contains a correspondingly high volume of capillary pores within which liquid water can reside.

ATL Announces Employee Promotion

We are pleased to announce that Mike Stewart has been promoted to Group Leader for ATL’s Utica Division. Mike has worked at ATL for 5 years, starting in April 2016, and has held various positions, including Technician, Environmental Specialist and Project Manager prior to his promotion to Group Leader.

ATL’s Winter Webinar Schedule Announced

ATL starts the New Year with more online PDH seminars. Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Limited (ATL) has provided continuing education seminars for PDH credit since 2006 and we are excited to announce that the following seminars have been approved for online presentation.