ATL recently hosted a training seminar for staff to obtain certification as a Soils and Aggregate Inspector through the Northeast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP).  The course was attended by 12 ATL employees.

Certified individuals will have met the necessary criteria and will have shown proficiency through written and/or practical testing within the following test methods:

  • AASHTO T 2 – Standard Practice for Sampling Aggregates
  • ASTM D 3665 – Random Sampling
  • AASHTO T 248 – Reducing Field Sample of Aggregates to Testing Size
  • AASHTO T 27 – Sieve Analysis for Fine and Coarse Aggregate
  • AASHTO T 11 – Material Finer Than 0.075mm (No. 200) Sieve in Mineral Aggregates by Washing
  • AASHTO T 311 – Grain Size Analysis of Granular Soil Materials
  • AASHTO T 255 – Total Moisture Content of Aggregate by Drying
  • AASHTO T 99 & T 180 – Moisture Density Relation of Soils
  • AASHTO T 191 – Density of Soil In-Place by the Sand-Cone Method
  • AASHTO T 310 – In-Place Density and Moisture Content of Soil and Soil-Aggregate by Nuclear Method
  • AASHTO T 224 – Correction for Coarse Particles in the Soil Compaction Test
  • AASHTO T 272 – Identification of Soils by Visual Procedure
  • ASTM D 2488 – Identification of Soils by Visual Procedure
  • Construction and Compaction Practices

The NETTCP Soil and Aggregate Inspector certification is valid for 5 years and is recognized in the states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The New York State Department of Transportation requires the certification for technical personnel working on State DOT projects.  The NETTCP certification allows ATL to provide these services on projects such as the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement, design-build bridges, and other projects utilizing the NYSDOT specifications.

For more information about this certification and other ATL services, please e-mail us at info@atlantictesting.com or visit atlantictesting.com.