A year ago, ATL added Fenestration Testing to our specialty services in response to client’s needs. We recently purchased a trailer for our fenestration equipment so that we can mobilize quickly and efficiently. The trailer was outfitted and is now ready to hit the road.

Fenestration refers to openings in a building, such as windows, doors, skylights, sloped glazing, curtain walls and storefronts, designed to permit the passage of air, light or people. Fenestration products are the individual assemblies used to cover these openings and selectively allow for desired elements to pass through while restricting the flow of others. Field testing the installation of these products help ATL’s clients fulfill project requirements and verify the installed products meet industry standards.

For more information about Fenestration Testing service contact William Roberts at wroberts@atlantictesting.com or 585-427-9020.

Fenestration-Trailer    Fenestration-Trailer