Atlantic Testing Laboratories recently served as pavement quality control agency during the reconstruction of the Watkins Glen International racetrack.  The 3.4 mile racetrack was reconstructed and repaved with approximately 25,000 tons of hot-mix asphalt utilizing PG 76-22 for the intermediate and base courses, and PG 82-28 for the surface course.

ATL assisted the asphalt paving contractor in meeting the required density specifications of the compacted asphalt.  Project specifications also required an enhanced Marshall Mix Design, in-place compaction, and surface smoothness requirements to ensure durability of the completed racetrack.  ATL provided NYSAGC Density Inspector certified personnel to perform the quality control testing of soils, recycled asphalt pavement, and hot-mix asphalt.  The project marks the first time the track has been resurfaced since 1998.