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ATL Purchases Low Profile ATV Drill Rig

As our workload and opportunities increase, ATL identified the need to purchase a low-profile drill rig to meet client’s needs. The addition of the new drill rig expands the capabilities of our current fleet of ATV, truck, trailer, and barge mounted rigs.

ATL took delivery of a CME-55LC. The 55LC has a feed and retrack system with a quick disconnect mast that allows ATL to work under canopies, bridges, powerlines, and other overhead restrictions. The overall working height is 12’1”. The 55LC is mounted on a remote-control rubber tracked carrier to allow the operator access to difficult locations.

ATL is the choice when it comes to meeting client’s needs and drilling the most challenging projects. For more information about ATL’s drilling services contact Tim Gavin at or 315-386-4578.

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