A Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) requires the use of equipment to monitor and measure potential airborne contaminant releases from a project site. For example, the NYSDOH Generic CAMP requires continuous monitoring of particulates during all ground intrusive activities and during demolition of contaminated or potentially contaminated structures.

When it comes to protecting off-site receptors such as residences, businesses, workers, and the general public who are not directly involved with construction or remedial activities, time is of the essence. In order to meet client needs for faster mobilization, ATL has acquired our own CAMP monitoring equipment. While most firms must wait for rental equipment to be sourced, ATL has experienced technicians and our own equipment ready to deploy to your projects helping you get the project completed sooner and safer. 

If you have a project that requires CAMP Monitoring, ATL has numerous experienced environmental professionals located throughout New York State, to perform CAMP Monitoring services. For more information, contact Mathew A. Clum, MBA, CHMM, at 315-735-3309 or mclum@atlantictesting.com.