Congressman Brindisi visited ATL’s Utica facility last week during his tour in Oneida County to learn more about the businesses within his Congressional District NY22. The Congressman met with ATL management staff including Andy Ward, Utica Operations Manager; Jim Kuhn, President; Tom Bundle, Vice President; and Mike Oscar representing the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL).

The Congressman also met with some of our technical staff members, and toured the laboratory. Kelby Miller, Steel Services Manager, demonstrated ATL’s newest service area, Fenestration Testing. Congressman Brindisi was introduced to several test procedures we do in our soils, concrete, and asphalt laboratory.

Congressman Brindisi finished his visit by meeting with all the employees, sharing his experience in Congress, and describing the various committees he is on and how they relate and support the District he represents.

ATL appreciate the time Congressman Brindisi spent with our staff and developing an understanding of our business, and learning about some of the initiatives he is working on.