Interns & Co-ops

Interested in a company that you can be with until retirement?

ATL is celebrating its 54th year in business and over 86% of our employees have been with us for over 1 year, with a couple employees having 40 years with ATL. Longevity is a noticeable trait at ATL. To achieve retaining such a high percentage of our employees, we continually look for ways to engage our employees and provide them with career opportunities and a satisfying workplace. Many of our long term employees started at ATL with little or no experience, while others came with related experience and/or higher education. Either way you start, employees are provided with a work environment and opportunities that affords them a challenging and rewarding career. With employees and ATL focused together on growth, success can be achieved. Come join the ATL family.

Apply today and start your career (and building longevity) with ATL, We look forward to hearing from you.