ATL is partnering with the National Safety Council to focus on a different and significant safety topic each week throughout the month of June.


For Week 2 we are targeting Roadway Safety. ATL wants all employees to take the time and caution necessary to ensure we are driving safely. Please be mindful of the following:


· Prepare Your Vehicle

o Is your registration and inspection current, and are all services up to date?

o Have you checked that the lights, signals, wipers, mirrors and tires are in good condition, and functioning properly?

o Is your vehicle equipped with all of the necessary safety equipment (roof beacon, truck bed stopper board, parking cones etc.)?


· Plan Your Trip

o Do you know which route you are going to take? GPS devices can lose power/service, so be familiar with the directions to your destination.

o Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you are not tempted to speed.

o Have extra necessities on hand in case you become stranded, such as drinking water, cell phone charging device, flashlight, and extra clothing.


· Get There Safely

o Avoid distracted driving, especially cell phone usage.

o Obey speed limits, and reduce speed in adverse conditions (traffic, weather etc.)

o Be extra cautious when driving through work zones.

o Be on the lookout for wildlife, especially in rural areas.


Let’s drive and work safely! If you see something, say and do something!

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