Laboratory Services

ATL has developed and refined systems and procedures to deliver accurate and reliable test results, while meeting client turn-around requirements. Tests are performed by experienced and certified staff, from accredited laboratories, and with Professional Engineer oversight. Project Managers are assigned to clients and projects, resulting in a focus on client service.

Services We Provide

Aggregate Laboratory Testing

  • Qualification testing of coarse and fine aggregate for conformance with ASTM, AASHTO, DOT, and project specifications
  • Quality control and quality assurance testing of aggregates during construction to verify conformance with approved submittals and project specifications

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

  • Testing of soil and rock samples to support subsurface and site characterization, along with geotechnical and structural design
  • Quality control and quality assurance testing of soil during construction to verify conformance with approved submittals and project specifications

    Thermal Conductivity Testing

    • Tests are performed to support the design of buried electrical transmission projects and as part of a quality control/quality assurance program during construction
    • Thermal dry-out curves are developed to illustrate the relationship between thermal resistivity and moisture content of materials
    • Curves are developed with specific measured moisture and thermal points (not empirically derived)
    • Tests can be performed on a variety of materials and sample types, including rock, concrete, fluidized thermal backfill (FTB), and intact or remolded soil specimens


    • Petrographic analysis of concrete is performed in accordance with ASTM C856 to assist in determining the cause(s) behind concrete weakness or failure and/or to determine paste content and composition, water/cement ratio, and mineralogy and physical parameters of constituent aggregates
    • Analysis of air void systems within hardened concrete per ASTM C457
    • Petrographic analysis of crushed aggregate to determine suitability for use in concrete and asphalt mixtures

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