With our first forecasted accumulating snow of the year, we have officially reached that time of year where sunshine and rainbows turn into snow and ice. Which means that the hazards that we face on a daily basis are going to change drastically. Warmth turns to cold, rain turns to snow, and a myriad of additional winter weather hazards.

Winter weather hazards have a drastic effect on our daily routines, especially when we get measurable snowfall, or significantly low temperatures. The roadways, walkways, and jobsites will become slick and wet, things will be messy, and some hazards may even be covered by the accumulating snow.

If you follow the tips below regarding winter weather safety, courtesy of the CDC, then you can ensure you get through this winter season without a hitch and make it to those warm temps that we all love!

  • Prepare your home
    • Winterize your home
      • Install weather stripping, insulation, etc.
      • Insulate water lines
      • Clean out gutters and repair roof leaks
    • Check your heating
      • Have furnaces serviced by a professional
      • Inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys
    • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Prepare your vehicle
    • Service your radiator and battery
    • Check tire tread, or install “snow” tires
    • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle
  • Prepare for emergencies (weather, power outages)
    • Stock up on non-perishable foods and water
    • Make sure to keep your cell phone fully charged
    • Be aware of forecast conditions and impending weather
  • Prepare for outdoor activities
    • Wear appropriate clothing for the temperature
    • Use rock salt, sand, or cat litter on icy walkways
    • Work slowly when shoveling or snow blowing to avoid overexertion
  • Prepare for travel
    • Avoid unnecessary travel during winter storms
    • If traveling, give yourself plenty of time, and drive slowly and carefully

Winter brings with it a lot of additional hazards that we don’t see when the sun is shining, and the temps are warm.  But if you go through this season safely, and follow the above tips, then winter will be a breeze!