ATL held its annual meeting last week at The Inn at Gran View in Ogdensburg, NY with over 100 employees in attendance with a focus on facilitating continued growth and employee development.

On day one, the Operations Managers and Executives met to discuss our successes and continuous improvement opportunities from 2023, and objectives and plans for 2024.

On day two, we began the Annual Meeting with the tradition of introductions, company trivia, and door prizes. We got down to business starting with a review of ATL’s mission statement, core values, and strategic plan. Then we held workshops to discuss how to accomplish our strategic plan and further integrate new staff members. This was followed by a virtual Escape Room team building event before sitting down to enjoy dinner with everyone.

On day three, we recapped the milestones and highlights, along with presenting recognition awards for 2023. Additionally, we broke out into groups by office and department to discuss plans for 2024. We also continued our gift bag, and more company trivia and door prize drawings. After a filling lunch, everyone was on their way home having created a plan for 2024.

We were excited to get everyone together this year with several additional new staff members. This year’s meeting was the perfect opportunity for employees to meet, learn about where ATL is headed, and how they can get involved. 2024 looks very promising due to a great team that is ready to take on new challenges!