ATL has added new equipment in our laboratory in Albany (Clifton Park) for concrete and aggregate testing.

The new Humboldt freeze-thaw cabinet gives ATL the ability to perform ASTM C666, a standard test method to measure the resistance of concrete to deterioration caused by repeated cycles of freezing and thawing.



The new Darwin freeze-thaw chamber, which replaced an older unit, measures the resistance of aggregate to deterioration of freezing and thawing.  ATL is performing the NYSDOT test method 703-07 P,G utilizing this new unit.



We also added a Memmert humidity chamber.  ATL will perform test methods ASTM C1260, which tests alkali reactivity in aggregates, and ASTM C157 to determine length change of hardened mortar and concrete.


This equipment gives ATL an opportunity to expand on testing services we currently offer, adding options and value for our clients. For more information about concrete or aggregate testing at our Albany location, contact Bob Field at or 518-383-9144.