ATL has traditionally held its annual company meetings in late January to maximize participation due the seasonality of our industry. Usually these are in-person meetings, however we had to make adjustments this year due to COVID, and the entire event was transitioned into virtual sessions. We held multiple sessions consisting of meet and greets, presentations, and workshops, with some session having over 115 employees in attendance. Employee engagement was encouraged by participating in company trivia, door prize drawings, gift bags, and luncheons. For the final session, lunch was provided company-wide so that all employees could share in the event whether they were in the office or working in the field.

The meetings were a success in that they provided an opportunity for employees from different offices to “meet” and work with each other, discuss outcomes from 2020, accomplish divisional and department planning, and present the focus items for 2021. ATL is looking forward to the opportunities ahead in 2021 for both our employees and the company.