Hazardous material surveys and abatement at schools are typically scheduled during the summer months when students are away and facilities are more accessible for consultants and contractors.  ATL is finishing another busy summer season with completing nearly 50 K-12 school projects and work at over a dozen colleges/universities.

Whether it’s a scheduled summer shut down, seasonal maintenance, or an incidental disturbance, ATL is your go-to state-wide consultant for hazardous material survey, design, and removal monitoring.  Our staff is very familiar with current standards and regulations, including NYSDOL Industrial Code Rule 56, AHERA, NESHAP, OSHA Construction Standard 1926.1101, and ASTM E1368.

For more information on ATL’s Hazardous Materials Services contact Joe Grabowski at 315-386-4578 or at jgrabowski@atlantictesting.com.