AASHTO Accredited LogoATL has recently completed our current round of AASHTO re:source assessments for our Construction Materials Engineering and Testing program and is now entering its 20th year partnering with AASHTO resource for assessments, proficiency sampling, and accreditation. As part of the accreditation program, these on-site assessments verify that tests are performed, equipment is calibrated, and reports are issued, in accordance with national standards: but it is much more to ATL. The assessments include a review of our Quality Manual for general policies and procedures and are part of our continuous improvement process.

In addition, the entire accreditation process helps to provide confidence to our clients and regulators, that they are receiving quality data. Although assessments and accreditation may be a requirement for many projects, it is part of the Quality culture at ATL. Check out our AASHTO Accreditations at aashtoresource.org.