Rome Office InteriorAtlantic Testing Laboratories (ATL) recently added office space in the Griffiss Business and Technology Park located in Rome, NY.  ATL’s growth in our Utica facility along with additional employees, facilitated the need to expand in Central NY. ATL will continue to provide our technical services from the office and laboratory located at 301 St. Anthony Street in Utica.

Rome Office InteriorThe additional office is located at the Griffiss Park in the Suites at 584. Similar to a co-working environment, Suites at 584 is designed to meet market demand for growing companies seeking alternative, full-service office environments.

Griffiss Park has become a vibrant center for private and public enterprise in Rome, New York. Over 72 businesses employing over 5,880 of people make Griffiss one of the most successful business and technology parks in the United States. Covering 3,500 acres, Griffiss has development districts with specific focuses in technology, manufacturing, aviation, office, education and recreation.

Rome Office InteriorATL is a full-service engineering support firm offering subsurface investigations, water-based investigations, geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering and testing, special inspection services, pavement engineering, nondestructive testing, and environmental services from each of our offices.

For more information about ATL and employment opportunities you can contact Andy Ward at or 315-735-3309.