Atlantic Testing Laboratories (ATL) has implemented SWPPP Inspection reporting using the cloud-based information management system, Metafield®. This technology allows us to quickly create reports that integrate the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) required inspection elements, including project information, inspection information, SWPPP specific inspection items, discrepancy tracking, progress images, and notated mapping, within a single user interface. Reporting is completed by ATL Inspectors in the field, using tablets to streamline the creation and distribution of reports.

MetaField® is highly configurable and has provided ATL with the opportunity to work with our clients and collaborate on how our deliverables can be organized and distributed. The system also provides clients with an organized, easy to use web interface for immediate access to current and past reports for review or bulk download.

The implementation of this web-based solution is another example of ATL’s dedication and commitment to continuous improvement and providing quality service to our clients. For more information, contact Kasey Garrand, at 518-563-5878,, or visit