The onset of a new year is the ideal time for reflection, and an opportunity to focus on new goals. ATL challenged all employees to help make 2024 the safest year yet, by making their very own New Year’s Safety Resolution. Employees were tasked with creating at least one new goal or resolution that is safety focused, which they intend to work towards in 2024. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and this initiative was intended to get everyone involved on a personal level.

The quality of vehicle submissions was impressive as many targeted driving safety, defensive driving, and completing walkarounds. Others focused on completing all assigned Hazard Hunts and leading safety by setting the example for others.

Almost all the submissions had a common theme of being more focused and attentive to safety and making ATL’s motto, Think Safety First, a priority each day. Emphasizing safety and making it part of our daily routine is something that seems to come naturally and is a very positive attribute to the culture at ATL.