Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Limited was recently awarded the Association of General Contractors of New York State “2012 Safety Execllence Award”.  This award acknowledges the safety program and performacne of ATL.

Michael J. Elmendorf II, President and CEO, of AGC-NYS, wrote:

“Dear Mr. Kuhn:

Congratulations! Atlantic Testing Laboratories has been awarded the 2012 AGC New York Safety Excellence Award. Your safety excellence award entry/application was submitted to the safety awards jury and after careful review, was selected from among our excellent pool of applications to receive the award.

As you know, consideration for the AGC NYS Safety Execellence Award is based on strict criteria regarding your safety program, EMR, incident rate, and documented implementation in the field. To qualify for the award is an achievement in iteself, and winning the award is an outstanding accomplishment for your company and your team–one in which you should take pride. …

Thank you very much for participating in this year’s Safety Excellence Award competition, and once again congratulations on this impressive acheivement.”