ATL is expanding our concrete NDT services with the recent purchase of impact echo equipment and an additional ground penetrating radar instrument. The impact echo will enhance ATL’s current concrete NDT services by adding ASTM C1383 (Standard Test Method for Measuring the P-Wave Speed and the Thickness of Concrete Plates Using the Impact Echo Method) to our current list of concrete NDT services. The additional GPR equipment will allow ATL to expand our services geographically. It is anticipated that the GPR will be staged out of our Rochester office, expanding these services to Western New York.

The new impact echo equipment and GPR were recently used on a project to evaluate new masonry construction to confirm the presence of grout in the masonry cells. The equipment was also used to qualitatively evaluate the consolidation within the cells, specifically at concentrated load areas. The equipment and knowledge of the operator were beneficial to the client for troubleshooting and confirming as-built conditions.

ATL’s current concrete NDT methods include ultrasonic pulse velocity (ASTM C597), Impact Echo (ASTM C1383), Ground Penetrating Radar (ASTM D6432), Half-Cell Corrosion Testing (ASTM C876), and Winsdor Probe (ASTM C803), the Maturity Method (ASTM C1074), and Rebound Hammer (ASTM C805) for estimating concrete strength.

Impact Echo solenoid & receiver
Data output indicating a slab thickness of approximately 6 inches