ATL Weekly MeetingWith the current pandemic restrictions remaining in place, ATL continues to develop and utilize additional ways to communicate with our employees, striving to ensure that information is shared on a timely basis as well as continuing to keep the ATL family of employees informed.

All of our employees that have an ATL office desk phone also have access to their own conference call meeting room that can be utilized for ad-hoc or scheduled conference calls. These conference rooms allow everyone to hold a meeting with other employees or clients allowing a real-time sharing of information. For those calls or meetings that require larger numbers of attendees or events where a video call is required, ATL is utilizing third-party conference calling applications that provide a virtual room for all to access and be on camera. A great example of using this type of a tool, as the picture demonstrates, is our weekly call where all employees have the opportunity to hear about how well ATL is managing through the pandemic restrictions in addition to learning about the current positives that are happening with ATL and our business.  Some are more daring than others and use the video option while other chose to participate using the call in option.  Either way, we welcome all our employees to join the virtual meeting.