Vibration Monitoring for Construction

Aug 4, 2017 | General News

VibraPicture2tion monitoring is a specialized procedure for recording, analyzing and quantifying vibrations resulting from construction operations.

Atlantic Testing Laboratories’ specialists utilize a 3-component seismograph in accordance with applicable standards.

Vibration Monitoring Services:

Pre and Post Construction Building Condition Surveys includes:

  • Photographic and video documentation of the interior and exterior condition   of the building
  • The extent and location of existing signs of building distress

Vibration Monitoring Plan identifies:

  • Limits of vibration monitoring
  • Maximum allowable Peak Particle Velocities (PPV)
  • Location of seismograph placement
  • Structures and/or utilities to be monitored
  • Details for anchoring the geophone

Vibration Monitoring provides real time PPV’s and frequencies of construction vibrations and expedites the on-site decision making process.

For more information about our Vibration Monitoring services, contact:

Steve Moore at or call 518-383-9144


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