Dr. Chris Kelson, PhD., P.G.ATL’s Dr. Chris Kelson, Ph.D., P.G. will join the faculty at the University of Maryland as a Professor of Geology. He will be teaching at their Watertown, NY Campus at Fort Drum. Dr. Kelson, Senior Geologist for Atlantic Testing Laboratories, holds a Ph.D. in Geology and is a licensed Professional Geologist in New York State. He has over 25 years combined years of experience within the precious metals mining and construction materials industries, integrated with over 20 years of teaching and research experience at six different universities, and time with the Utah Geological Survey. His specialties include petrography, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, geochronology, and economic geology with particular interest in optical mineralogy/petrography and geochemistry with respect to concrete, rocks, and minerals and using a myriad of microanalytical techniques and equipment.

Dr. Kelson will continue his full time work at ATL and is excited to return to the classroom.  He can be contacted at 315-386-4578 or ckelson@atlantictesting.com to discuss any project needs related to petrography.