Keeping our employees safe is at the forefront of everything we do at ATL. On day-one of employment, we issue safety equipment and begin providing safety training that helps set the tone for working safely.   Throughout your career at ATL, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to keep you on the safety path. We value your safety!

Safety initiatives include:

  • Safety Training (programs vary, depending on your position and experience)
  • Safety Audits (incentives given for non-safety personnel to participate)
  • Hazard Hunts (performing hazard identification every day before work)
  • Safety Committee (employees are encouraged to join)
  • Safety Newsletter (monthly newsletter full of current topics, stats, and safety tips)
  • Toolbox Talks (we have an extensive database of topics for your reference)
  • Employee Safety Recognition Program (we require safety compliance and encourage participation in various safety programs)

Recent ATL Company Culture Stories

ATL Increases Safety Audits in 2020

To reduce unnecessary travel of our safety staff, our field and operations staff in each office have stepped up. In 2019 there were a total of 189 audits performed by non-safety staff, we have surpassed that with over 200 already in 2020 with 4 months remaining.

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ATL Working Safe

ATL promotes working safe every day and empowers its employees to “See Something, Say Something.” ATL employees made several PPE suggestions in 2019 resulting in ATL adapting and accommodating the diversity of our workforce.

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