Dr. Christopher Kelson, PhD, PG is ATL’s expert in-house geologist whose focus is on petrographic analysis of concrete, rocks, and minerals. Since joining ATL, Dr. Kelson has developed and presented several seminars accredited by the Practicing Institute of Engineering. Seminar topics include geologic hazards, concrete petrography, and the systematics of air void structure within hardened concrete.

Concrete Petrography PDH

Dr. Christopher Kelson, PhD, PG presents Concrete Petrography PDH

Since May 2018, Dr. Kelson has given 20 seminars to over 540 attendees at professional conferences, state agencies, and private companies across New York and New Jersey. Reflecting on and utilizing almost 30 years of teaching and research experience within industry and at several universities, Dr. Kelson provides valuable technical information and insight both as a subject matter expert and educator into the seminars, thus making them valuable learning tools.

ATL’s president, Jim Kuhn, PE, has received multiple comments and compliments from several clients regarding the quality of the presentations and Dr. Kelson. Mr. Kuhn commented, “These seminars give the opportunity for attendees to learn about areas that are affecting our industry from leaders in the field.“

We are scheduling seminars for this Fall and Winter. For information about concrete and petrography seminars contact Dr. Chris Kelson at 315-386-4578 or email CKelson@atlantictesting.com

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If you are interested in arranging a seminar, please call Zach Short at 518-383-9144 or ZShort@atlantictesting.com.