Drill Rig

Pontoon BoatATL recently purchased a new 2014 Frieghtliner truck equipped with a completely refurbished CME-45 drill rig.  The addition of this equipment brings the total number of EPA carbon emission compliant drill rigs to three.

The CME-45 is capable of producing 3,350 foot-pounds of torque, is equipped with an auto-hammer and allows ATL to provide angled drilling to meet the needs of difficult projects.

The truck-mounted drill rig was specifically configured for use in geotechnical drilling for highway and transportation projects, with an emphasis on road and bridge design work.  In recent years, there has been an increased industry focus on infrastructure improvement projects, and ATL has improved its fleet with the addition of this drill rig to efficiently complete these assignments.  The compact tower on the drill rig and the shorter truck wheel base are two features that allow for set-up in difficult to access areas, such as beneath overhead utility lines and narrow shoulder areas.

The new rig has already been successfully used in this application, completing geotechnical drilling for a culvert design project associated with the Ontario County Department of Public Works term contract in the Summer of 2014.

ATL has also recently purchased two new U-FAB 30′ pontoon boats for sediment sampling.  These boats are powered by Yamaha 150HP 4-stroke motors and Miller Bobcat 3-phase 10,000 watt generators.  The generator powers two spud winches and a 3,000 lb. pulling winch.  The suds can be extended up to 45′ in length for most sediment sampling requirements.  The aluminum sampling mast can be utilized in three separate locations.  The first location is in the front of the vessel through a moon hole.  The second location is accessed by removing a section of the deck for large sampling requirements.  The mast can also be located off the front of the vessel as a third location, allowing ATL to sample in shallow conditions.

Most sampling will be performed by Vibracore methods with the ability to obtain up to 20′ long core samples.  The vessels can also perform gravity coring with a cathead winch and ponar dredge sampler.

One vessel is currently performing sampling services on Onondaga Lake and the second vessel is scheduled to begin sampling on the Hudson River this fall.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact Tim Gavin, ATL Drilling Manager, at 315-386-4578 or tgavin@atlantictesting.com.