Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids, adults can get in on the fun too! Whether it’s attending adult Halloween parties or dressing up and going trick or treating with your kids! Regardless of how the adults celebrate Halloween, everyone needs to be aware and vigilant on Halloween night, as children and their families will be out and about, seeking out the best candy they can find!

Because there are so many kids out, and every single one of them is going to be in costume, looking for candy, the FDA, as well as the NSC have developed a list of tips to celebrate Halloween safely. The tips below cover everything from having a safe costume, down to safely unpacking and eating that delicious candy!

Costume Safety

  • When purchasing costume, looks for “flame resistant” or similar verbiage
    – If you make your costume, use flame resistant fabrics like nylon or polyester
  • Make sure to have reflective tape or something similar to increase visibility
  • Don’t wear masks that will obstruct your vision, instead wear hats and makeup
    – If using makeup, be aware of what is and what is not FDA approved, and know what’s in it to avoid an allergic reaction
  • Avoid eye changing contact lenses, unless you have seen an eye care professional and have been properly fitted and given instructions on proper use

Trick or Treating Safety

  • A responsible adult should accompany children at all times
    – If older children go alone, plan a route with them that is acceptable to you, and agree on a time they should return home
  • Remind children to never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle
  • Remind children to stay in familiar, well-lit areas, and to stick with friends

Motorist Safety

  • Watch for children all around you, in driveways, on curbs, on sidewalks, and in the roadways
  • Enter and exit driveways, and take turns very carefully
  • Slow down, and watch for children in dark clothing
  • If you have new or inexperienced drivers, discourage them from driving on Halloween

Treat Safety

  • Don’t allow children to eat their treats until they’ve been inspected at home
    – Have them eat a snack before heading out to curb any desire to nibble
  • Check labels for allergens like nuts and dairy
  • Young children should not be allowed to consume gum, hard candies, or peanuts as they are choking hazards
  • Check commercial treats for tampering like pin holes, tears, or discoloration – throw away if tampering is evident

If you follow these tips and tricks, you can ensure that you and your family will have a spooky, enjoyable, and safe Halloween!