ATL continues to provide training and certification opportunities for our staff and in particular, various ACI certifications.  This is paid training consisting of shadowing and mentoring with experienced trainers, completing computer-based training modules, evaluation of progress by performing tests in the field or laboratory with your trainer, Professional Engineer lead review classes on the fundamentals of the test methods, and taking the written and practical exams administered by ACI.

Over the past few weeks, more than 60 ACI certifications have been obtained by members of the ATL team that include:
ACI Field Technician – Grade 1
ACI Strength Technician
ACI Aggregate Technician 1
ACI Aggregate Base Testing Technician
ACI Concrete Special Inspector

This training and certification process is very similar for other certification our staff receive, such as ICC, NETTCP, NYS DOL Asbestos, AGC HMA.  Come and find a new opportunity and career by joining the ATL Team.  Apply at